Carolyn: I Joined Rotary to Continue a Family Tradition

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carolyn_paddle“My dad was one of those people that everyone looked up to. I try to emulate him as much as possible and Rotary is one way.”

Carolyn Johnson’s involvement in Rotary began as a young girl in Lamar, Colorado. Her father, Darrell
Bailey, who managed a retail business and worked in city government, joined the town’s local Rotary
club and embraced the experience through community and club service, serving as secretary. In the late
1980’s, the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona and Darrell was invited to join the Tempe South Rotary
Club by a fellow Rotarian from Lamar, Jim Labertew.

Tempe South Rotary Club was, and still is, known for its quirky members, sense of humor and hands-
on service projects. Darrell was immediately hooked on the club and many friends he made there. After
only a few years in Phoenix, Darrell passed away. To honor Darrell’s memory, Tempe South reached out
to his family and invited them to attend a Rotary meeting.

Following that meeting Carolyn’s brother-in-law, Dwayne Knuth, joined Tempe South, and Dwayne
was soon followed into Rotary by Carolyn’s husband, John. It was at this point that Rotary became a
family tradition. Dwayne’s brother, Glenn, joined a Rotary club in Nebraska and has held several offices.
Another of Carolyn’s brothers-in-law, Terry DeVoe, joined his club in Idaho and also has held nearly
every office. And then it was Carolyn’s turn.

“I came to a point in my career where I wanted to contribute to my community and carry on my dad’s
legacy,” explains Carolyn. “I really like the service and fellowship. That’s what keeps me coming back and
always will.”

Because of Rotary, Carolyn says that their family bonds remain strong. When the families get together
they share Rotary and what their clubs are doing and have all participated in club meetings and service
projects around the country. She also mentions the value Rotary has brought to her marriage.

“Rotary is a continuation of the partnership that is our marriage,” said Carolyn. “We share everything
and Rotary is just one more thing that we share.”

Carolyn has served as secretary and club president and continues to plan service projects for Tempe
South Rotary Club.

“I’m very proud of my dad for starting it. It’s a source of pride for me that my dad was a strong Rotarian.
I learned so much from him. My dad was one of those people that everyone looked up to. I try to
emulate him as much as possible and Rotary is one way.”

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