Rotary Program Saves the Lives of Over 280 Children

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Roosevelt Gateau

Dr. Michael Teodori and Roosevelt Gateau rest after surgery

Gift of Life Arizona, a project of the Rotary Clubs of Arizona, provides surgeries to children worldwide who suffer from life-threatening congenital heart disease. They recently completed their 287th surgery for a young man named Roosevelt Gateau from Haiti.

Roosevelt is age 16, in the 8th grade and has proven to be very smart in school. However, he is very small and underweight for his age because at a young age, he contacted Rheumatic Fever which left two heart valves severely damaged which in turn provided all the symptoms of a major congenital heart defect. Thus his journey with heart surgery began in early 2012 when palliative open heart surgery was performed in the Dominican Republic to hopefully correct his issues. However, surgery was not as successful as had been hoped and the daily struggle of keeping alive became a way of life for Roosevelt. But the struggle was more difficult this time than before.

Gift of Life Arizona arranged to have Roosevelt flown to Tucson, where he was met by surgeon Dr. Michael Teodori. On December 11th, he entered surgery – the procedure ended up being one of Dr. Teodori’s “most complex cases.”

Click here to read more about Roosevelt’s story.

Gift of Life has set a goal to reach 300 life-saving surgeries by July 1st, 2013. Click here to learn how you can help!

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